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Please note: The Hattery and this fedora hat are not affiliated or associated with Lucasfilm Ltd. or the Indiana Jones films and this product is not authorized by Lucasfilm Ltd.

Akubra Federation

Many years ago we were contacted by both Indiana Jones fans and hat collectors who wanted a genuine pre World War 2 fedora.

Hats from this era were generally taller and had fuller crowns than the hats of today. Most were sold as "Open Crown" hats with the pre creased styles becoming more popular after WW2.

Please note this is an "Open Crown" hat which is not pre shaped to any particular look.

The Federation IV

Hatsdirect and Akubra Hats, together set about creating a new hat, selecting an older set of hat blocks we believe date back to the 1920's. Advice from Mark Cross ( and Steve Delk (the hat maker for the latest Indiana Jones movie, Adventurebuilt) have assisted with the final result. The blocks used for this hat are original wooden blocks made by Akubra Hats. They have no pre determined shape. At no stage do we make any claim that this hat is a replica of the Indiana Jones hat as used in the movies. This hat has been made on a set of older hat blocks, and has been left in an "open crown" state allowing customers to shape according to their desire.

Why the name The Federation

When we introduced the first model we needed a name. The year was 1998 - the Centenary of Federation in Australia, with many historical pictures published showing people in hats such as the one we created. Hence the name The Federation. Hatsdirect has been at the forefront of offering "Open Crown" style hats into the collectors market.

The hat has been through 3 transitions since its introduction, introducing a contrasting ribbon, a dimensional cut brim, a better quality version. We have now introduced a new set of specifications and refinements based on feedback and customer requests and have logically arrived at The Federation IV.

This hat has been selected by various movie houses and ad agencies wanting a true to period hat style. It has also been used by various musicians.

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Note: Open Crown refers to a hat shape which has not been determined. Depending on the depth and amount of taper in a crown "block" a hat will be suited to shape as a Fedora, a Western style, a country style and so on. The shape of a hat is often referred to as the bash, and often all that was ever done to shape a hat was a simple bsh using ones hands. Today, most hats come "pre creased" to give any of the looks we have become accustomed to.

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