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Shaping a brim which is out of shape

All felt hats can suffer a little over time from mis shapen brims due to poor care, travel, humidity etc. Fixing the problem is easy

A hat with mis-shaped brim


This effect can be on one side only or both sides

A correctly shaped brim with a nice even curve - the curve adds style and protection from the elements. A flat brim is not usually wanted in a hat such as this type. To avoid flattening the brim store the hat on its crown - ie upside down.


To correct the shape, apply some team to the affected area. The steam softens the felt and makes it pliable. Use your fore arm to push the brim up to the correct shape. Hold for a minute or two while the felt cools and it will adopt the shape it is left in. See below for alternate method.
Steam the brim liberally then hold the crown against your body, spread your fingers and pull back on the brim to achieve the desired shape. This technique is good for severely distorted brims ie the dog sat on my hat for a day or two!

General shaping information:

All Akubra Hats respond to steam, the felt and stiffener in the felt softens with the steam and allows the felt to become pliable. If using a pot of water on a stove, turn the flame down so it will not burn the hat. (It has happened!)

Alternately a fine spray of water can assist in damping the hat and making it pliable. If you are wanting to flatten the brim or due to distortions you eant to flatten it to start the shaping process again you can use an iron and damp cloth. Then using your hands and steam start to shape the brim as you want it.


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